Bicycle Maintenance

If you think your bike needs a bit of tender loving attention, you are in the right place. We offer quality maintenance for all types of bike. Whether it is a kid's bike, your partner's mountain bike or your beloved road bike, we can help.

If the bike is in Norfolk then as part of the deal we will collect and return it!

See below for further details --

We offer a Full Cycle Check and Service

If you have a bike in the shed or wherever that hasn't been used for a while, or you have a regularly used bike that needs a bit of expert work to help it through the next demanding year, then you have a choice.

You could -

Leave it where it is for a bit


Have a look at it and decide what needs to be done, then fix it up yourself


Let us make it fully road/track worthy again.

If it is the last option you decide to go for, we will collect your bike when convenient. We will assess it and let you know what parts we believe you need to have replaced. If you are happy for us to proceed we will charge you £40 plus the cost of parts to get your bike back safely in service.

If you do not want us to fit the parts we recommend then no problem - we will just work with what we have got and get it as good as we can. It's up to You.

This service is popular as it can be used as an annual service by anyone for any bike.

Note that Major repairs and most Cosmetic improvements are not included in the basic charge - to be clear these are things like Bottom Bracket replacement, Headset replacement, Suspension replacement, Bar tape replacement. But it does cover the replacement of all standard consumables such as chain, brake pads, brake blocks, inner cable replacement. (The parts are charged for at cost and only fitted after consultation and your agreement).

If you agree this is a great way to give your bike a much needed checkover and either bring it back to life or ensure it serves you well for this season, just send us a mail to arrange collection at your convenience.

We won't say we are too busy to bother.

We won't try to coerce you into increased spend.

We will collect and return at times to suit You.

We will get it sorted.