We have brought back the Turbo !!

As a response to the current Covid-19 Coronavirus problem, we have brought back the ability to hire a Cycle Ops Turbo trainer from us !

This effective machine simply bolts to your back wheel to instantly give you the ability to train on your own bike in your room of choice.

Look at our Turbo Trainer page to see the amazingly low pricing we offer

Remember - we will deliver and collect so you do not have to leave your house. You will get the Quick Release bolt required and also a size 700C training tyre - to save any wear on your own rear tyre during use.

You can even link the trainer up to virtual training aids like Zwift - so long as you have the required sensors to attach to your bike wheel and pedal crank that can communicate with your PC.

So go on - give yourself a chance to keep fit whilst under lockdown !!

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